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Tips for Paper Selection of Mobile POS Thermal Paper

The POS thermal paper produced by our company has the following characteristics:

1. POS thermal paper has clear color development, long time to preserve handwriting, and can be kept for up to one year under good conditions.
2. POS thermal paper has high smoothness and little wear on the printing head. Compared with other cash register paper on the market, POS thermal paper has no dust and prolongs the service life of the printer.
3. Using wood pulp as raw material, and the paper has fine quality, good appearance and stable quality.
4. Imported cutting tools are used in the processing process, so that the cross-section is neat, there is no paper scrap, no paper jam and no waste.
5. Thin pipe wall and less raw materials are used, which not only makes the product widely applicable, but also makes it energy-saving and environmental protection.
6. Small size and large capacity, saving transportation and storage costs, reducing waste of paper ends, so our economy.
7. Comparing formula of POS thermal paper value: price of 1 meter paper = unit price/length of each volume. The lower the price of 1 meter long, the higher the performance-price ratio.

Our company solemnly reminds users that for roll-type recording paper, we must remember: buy the number of rolls, use the length; buy cheap, not necessarily cheap. Please remember that the smaller the tube core, the more the paper is, the better the quality, affordability and cost-effectiveness of our products.
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