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Introduction of Thermal Adhesive Label Rolls

The equipment of China thermal adhesive label roll consists of two main parts: 1. Main body transport composite wires of material unwinding, compositing, and cutting; 2. Thermal adhesive heating and coating control system.

It can accurately control feed compositing speed and glue quantity according to product requirements. The equipment has reasonable structure and easy operation and is a reliable equipment for label tape, self-adhesive label, sticky insect board and yellow board thermal adhesive sizing.

1. Material ring compound device:

1) The machine is designed for gelatinized PP board or cardboard to make them compound and split with the release paper.

2) The equipment is designed for the coating of self-adhesive labels with three sets of material looping devices, so as to realize one-sided and two-sided gluing and laminating release papers.

3) According to customers’ requirements, servo cutter can be customized, so as to achieve cutting off the length of different specifications, then realize one machine production of multi-specifications.

4) The main engine adopts imported well-known variable frequency motor control, so as to realize more precise and stable speed control and longer service life.

5) Customers can customize equipment that meets the requirement of different production speed (line speed can be designed according to the requirements of 50-100 meters) and material tension.
Control and material deviation, in order to realize more stable and standardized products. Improve product quality and production efficiency.

2. Thermal adhesive gelatinizing control system:

Thermal adhesive gelatinizing equipment adopts thermal adhesive scraping technology so that thermal adhesive can be evenly coated on the base material with thin, smooth film shape.
And make two or three layers of base material bonded together. The equipment has thermal adhesive coating quantity, can adjust production speed, make coating smooth, delicate and even.

1) The thermal adhesive coating system is mainly composed of: thermal adhesive machine (20, 30, 50 kg optional), transfer tube (1-10 meters optional), glue gun (The width of the adhesive is optional, the standard is 250 mm), and the glue quantity tracking controller.

2) The main engine of the thermal adhesive machine adopts in-cylinder Teflon penetrating treatment, gradual melt glue design can effectively reduce the glue carbonization phenomenon; using precision measuring teeth. The glue supply system of the wheel pump ensures stable glue supply and pressure, and linear output so that the glue effect is ensured to be uniform.

3) The adhesive hose is also called thermal adhesive hose, using imported DuPont Teflon inner liner to ensure a longer service life of the hose; using imported insulation materials to make the external temperature of the hose even.

4) Glue gun, also known as the thermal adhesive glue gun, uses alloy steel die head of high precision to ensure that customers can get excellent coating effect in the high-speed coating.

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