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Cash Register Paper with High Cost Performance

Cash register paper is made of 52 grams of base paper, which adopts domestic advanced double coating process. This paper: Clear color, moderate thickness, pure wood pulp base paper without impurities, little dust, does not affect the normal service life. Ultra-clear effect, export quality. Paper characteristics: thin, strong paper stiffness, less dust, no jam at all.

As we all know, cash register paper is a kind of printing paper specially used in cash printer. Its quality directly affects the quality of printing and storage time, and even affects the life of printers. At present, there are many good and bad heat-sensitive paper in the market, and the national standard has not been issued yet. Many users do not know how to distinguish the quality of heat-sensitive paper, which provides convenience for many businesses to manufacture low-cost and low-quality heat-sensitive paddle paper. This causes loss to users, the light storage time becomes shorter, and the handwriting is blurred. Cash register paper is generally divided into three layers, the bottom layer is paper base, the second layer is thermal-sensitive coating, and the third layer is protective coating, which mainly affects the quality of the thermal-sensitive coating or protective coating. If the coating of thermal paper is not uniform, it will lead to dark color in some places, light color in some places, and the printing quality will be significantly reduced. If the chemical formulation of the thermal sensitive coating is not reasonable, the storage time of the printing paper will be very short. Good printing paper can be stored for 5 years (at room temperature and without direct sunlight). There are more long-lasting heat-sensitive paper that can be stored for 10 years now, but if the formulation of the heat-sensitive coating is unreasonable, it may only be kept for several months. The protective coating is also critical for the preservation time after printing. It can absorb part of the light that causes the chemical reaction of the thermal coating and slow down the deterioration of the printing paper. It can also protect the thermal components of the printer from damage, but if the protective coating is not uniform, This will not only greatly reduce the protection of thermal sensitive coatings, but also lead to the peeling off of fine particles of protective coatings and friction of thermal elements of printers, which will lead to the identification of loss quality of printed thermal elements. 1. Appearance: If the paper is very white, it shows that the protective coating and thermal coating of the paper are unreasonable, and excessive phosphor is added, the better paper should be slightly greenish. Paper finish is not high or looks uneven, indicating that the paper coating is not uniform, if the paper appears to reflect light very strong, but also add too much phosphor, the quality is not good. 2. Roasting: The method of baking by fire is also simple. The back of the paper is heated by a lighter. If the color of the paper is brown after heating, it shows that the heat-sensitive formula is not reasonable and the storage time may be shorter. If the black part of the paper has fine stripes or uneven color patches, the coating is uneven. The paper of better quality should be black-green (with a little green) after heating, and the color block is uniform, gradually fading from the center to the surrounding color. 3. Contrastive identification of sunlight exposure: Put the printed paper in the sun after smearing with a fluorescent pen (which can accelerate the reaction of the thermal coating to light). Which kind of paper darkens the fastest, indicating that the shorter the storage time is.
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