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Notes for NCR Dyeing

Carbonless Paper Roll is short for NCR Paper Roll.
It is a novel carbon Paper that is characterized by the ability to write on the upper layer of NCR Paper Roll without the use of an ink-coated carbon layer.

It will be used in the daily office, mainly for multi-linked forms, notes, continuous financial statements, general business financial statements. In order to distinguish the order in each pile of bills, the printing of bills requires a large number of colored paper, so the color paper processing is the development trend of carbon-free carbon paper production.

So, what are the precautions for NCR Paper Roll dyeing? Let me introduce it to you.

1, When the color paste is purchased, the storage environment must be dry, cool, not from the sun, and marked with obvious signs, do not mix, take the color paste should cover the barrel, to avoid color paste changes.

2, Because the papermaking filler will adsorb dyes, should be based on the original paper filler content appropriate increase or decrease the amount of color paste.

3, The production of color paste manufacturers are not the same, the solid content of its products and quality is not the same. So the production of a batch of paper had better use the same manufacturers of the same batch of color paste.

4, In the seasoning, add all kinds of chemical raw materials and the order of color paste cannot be reversed, to do strictly in accordance with the process requirements, otherwise, it is easy to make the coating flocculation, the paper will have spots.

5, Color paste coating on the adhesive demand is slightly higher than white paint.

6, If you can not use a color paste out, you can use two kinds of color paste for color matching, but in order not to make the color light dim, it is best to use one color paste not more than 10% of the amount of the other color paste.

7. When changing colors, be sure to clean the feeding barrel, storage tank, feeding pipe, and coating roller to prevent color mixing.
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