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How to Prevent the Danger from Thermal Printer Paper

Thermal printer paper is always divided into three layers, the bottom layer is paper base, the second layer is thermal coating and the third layer is protective layer, thermal coating and protective layer that influence its quality mostly. In daily life, people are hard to avoid getting to thermal paper receipt so that people always get to BPA. Therefore, how to prevent BPA from hurting our bodies? There are some matters that we need to pay attention to, for reference.

1.Try to reduce the times of touching this kind of receipt
2.After touching this kind of thermal printer paper, please wash your hands at once without leaner with ethyl alcohol. Don’t touch your mouth with hands that used to touch thermal printer paper, such as touching and eating food.
3.Keep thermal paper away from other things to avoid getting to BPA
4.Don’t give thermal receipt paper to the kids for playing or storing
5.The way to recognize thermal printer paper is using coins to scrape on the paper, if paper changes its color or it is with scratch, that is thermal printer paper.
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