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The Future Development Trend Of Thermal Paper

The next five years, China's thermal paper market will continue to maintain a high growth rate, mainly due to the following factors:

First, hot domestic demand for hot paper, the entire industry under the guidance of the relevant policies are gradually moving towards industrialization, In 2015 will maintain an average annual growth rate of 15% growth;

Second, with the improvement of financial terminals, residents spend the habit of credit card has been developed, POS machine paper is expected in 2011 to 2015 to maintain a 25% compound Growth rate;

Third, with the development of the transport industry, residents will continue to improve travel, civil aviation passenger volume is expected to continue to maintain rapid growth, the corresponding boarding pass market size will also be 12% growth;

Fourth, improved greatly promoted the development of ShangChao retail industry, which will effectively promote the increased market demand for thermal food labels, thermal label food market will continue to grow at 15% CAGR;

Fifth, as the economy development, including thermal fax machines, including the market demand for various types of office equipment increased steadily, the market size of the corresponding thermal fax paper but also in the next five years In% growth rate steadily.

Industry Information Network released "2015--2022 China's magnetic materials industry competition and investment outlook report"

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