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Introduction Of Triple Carbonless Copy Paper

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Carbonless copy paper is mostly used on documents. There are invoices, contracts, treaties and other legal effects of the formal documents have been used in carbonless copy paper. Traditional documents are just common plain paper, so it should be added a copy layer under the document. And carbonless copy paper, which is bound with special paper.

Take triple carbonless copy paper document, for example, hot sale carbonless copy paper roll, it can be divided into upper paper, medium paper, and lower paper. Upper paper, also known as coated back paper (Code name CB, means coated back), the back of the paper was coated with microcapsules containing Limin pigment oil; medium paper is called coated front and back paper (Code name CFB, means Coated Front and Back),  the face of the paper is coated with a colorant, and the back of paper is coated the microcapsules which contain Limin pigment oil, lower paper is also called coated front paper (Code name CF, means Coated Front), paper is only coated with a colorant. Self-contained paper (Code name SC, means self-contained) is a microcapsule layer coated with Limin pigment oil on the back of the paper, the front of paper is coated with a colorant and microcapsules which contains Limin pigment oil.

Upper paper and lower paper do not have the effect of rewriting, the only medium paper has the effect of rewriting. When using documents printed on carbonless copy paper, a small piece of cardboard is generally attached to the binder to avoid the writing force is too great to cause the pad under the other couplers to be duplicated.

Carbonless paper can be divided into White/Red/Blue/ Green, so it can distinguish the binder.
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