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80 x 70 Thermal Paper Roll

The thermal paper uses raw materials with high quality, so it has clear color and uniform coating. In addition, it has long storage time, no paper jam and no paper cut which will not damage the printer.

Thermal cashier paper is a kind of roll type printing paper, which is made of thermal raw paper as material through simple processing. It is also called roll type thermal cashier paper, thermal printing paper. The usual specifications of thermal cashier paper are 57x20, 57*25, 57x30, 57 * 40, 57x50, 80x50, 80x60, 80x70, 80x80, 80x100, etc. . Thermal cashier paper also has other special specifications, such as 75*60 and 50*50, which are needed to be processed in different industries.

The Characteristics of 80 x 70 Thermal Paper Roll:

The thermal cashier paper is mainly used in thermal printer of register system. It has uniform color, good smoothness, high brightness, and long storage time. When used, it will not use any printing supplies, carbon tape, ribbon nor ink box, so it is a trend that thermal cashier paper is to replace the general one in register system.

The applicable range of 80 x 70 Thermal Paper Roll:

It can be used in POS terminal system of stores and supermarkets, hotel catering system, banking system, telecommunication system, and medical system, etc.

The direction for use:

Pay attention not to expose paper to the air for a long time. When you are going to use a bag, just open one bag, preventing the paper from absorbing the water of the air so as to get damp.

The selective purchasing of thermal paper roll

The thermal paper roll is usually divided as three layers, among which the bottom is paper base, the second layer is thermal coating and the third is protective layer. The ones which influence its quality of printing and storage are thermal coating or protective layer. If the thermal coating is not uniform, it will lower the printing quality with some places dark but some places light when printing. If the chemical formula of thermal coating is not reasonable, the printing storage period will become short. Generally, print paper with good quality can be printed at room temperature for 5 years, and now it is more able to be saved 10 years of thermal paper roll. But if the chemical formula is irrational, it is likely to only keep it for several months. The protective coating means a lot for storage period, which can absorb part of rays caused by chemical reaction of thermal coating, reducing the opportunity that print paper goes bad. In addition, the protective coating can free thermal element from being damaged. Otherwise, if the protective coating is not uniform, it will not only decline the protection of thermal coating but the tiny particles of protective coating will fall off to rub the thermal element of printer when printing, harming the thermal element.
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