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Thermal Cash Register Paper Roll

The broken rate of thermal paper rolls is using times of broken paper in the process of printing from 100 rolls to divide 100, it is always used to evaluate the quality of paper, especially for newspaper, broken rate is the largest part for evaluating quality of paper, why it is so important? printing will be stop for a few minutes because of its suspension. Sometimes, its suspension will damage forme and rubber blanket so that stop printing. When it comes, production time will be influenced. If slow down the speed of printing to avoid breaking paper, it must have an influence on working efficiency. Therefore, broken paper and slow down printing speed are all reducing the efficiency of printing.

Thermal cash register paper roll is a kind of printer paper for thermal printer, its quality plays an important role in its quality and retention time, even it will influence the service life of printer. 
Thermal cash register paper roll  is always divided into three layers, the bottom layer is paper base, the second layer is thermal coating and the third layer is protective layer, thermal coating and protective layer that influence its quality mostly. If the protective coating of thermal cash register paper roll is uneven, printed pictures will be with bad quality, somewhere is with strong color while somewhere is with light color, if the chemical recipe of thermal coating is unreasonable, it will cause short retention time. Protective coating is important for retention time, it can absorb part of light that can make thermal coating produce chemical reaction for retarding printer paper goes bad

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