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Thermal Rolls 57 x 45

The 57*45mm cashier paper and POS paper are made of 62g excellent quality base paper and 18*25.4mm size big paper tube core.

Our company is specialized in the production of thermal cashier paper, small ticket printing paper, bank POS paper, queue management machine paper and so on

High grade thermal paper duplex printing, wood-free printed paper printing adopt excellent quality base paper to meet the needs of various industries.

Thermal paper duplex color printing width: 57MM/76MM/80MM/ 82MM

The inner diameter: 8-33mm, the rubber tube and paper tube optional

The outer diameter: 30MM- 220MM can be produced

Thermal Rolls 57 x 45 Advantages: natural white, color bright; By using high quality raw pulp and modern all-automatic production technology, we produce the paper with ultra-high whiteness, which makes the text of the photocopy more clear and vivid, and the color natural and full.

Our products are of good quality, clear color, non-toxic, non-odor, uniform and smooth thermal coating surface, bright color, flat cutting surface without paper powder, close package, stable product quality, good performance, long printing preservation time, smooth end face without burr.

In the production process, we use advanced and super calendering technology to make the paper surface more exquisite and smooth and reduce the dust content of the paper. The source reason about paper jam is solved. The frequency about photocopier wear and maintenance is reduced.

We adopt advanced automatic rotary knife machine to cut paper and make the paper clean and accurate and the size same. The paper won't stick together. So, we put an end to multipage feeding and paper jam.

All specifications can be customized according to customer's needs. The printing on the back can be done. We can also print various patterns and colors on the front or back according to the customer's requirements, which will bring you a better advertising effect.

It is widely used to cash register and POS thermal printer in the fields such as supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, banks, telecom, medical.
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