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How to Eliminate the Wrinkle Fault of NCR Paper Printing by the Manufacturer of Belt Coating Machine

The domestic NCR paper roll industry of tape coating machine manufacturer started late but developed rapidly. The annual output increased by 17.1% from 2003 to 2008. At present, the per capita consumption is 0.25 kg, which is 1/4 of the per capita consumption of developed countries in Europe, America and Asia, indicating that there is still a large space for consumption growth. As an indispensable special paper for modern information processing, thermal paper has an annual domestic demand of 30.8%. How does the manufacturer of tape coating machine eliminate the wrinkling fault of NCR paper roll printing? The specific method is: take a 250-gram white board and cut out two pieces of cardboard with a width of 5 mm and a length of 430 mm, respectively. Then the two sides of the two cardboard were glued with a double-sided glue of 5 x 430 mm, and the wax paper on the surface was removed. Then put a big four-open paper on the feeding board, according to the normal printing position of the machine, let the paper enter the impression drum to bite the teeth, and point the machine to the appropriate position. The industrial group pasted the two cardboard on both sides of the impression drum and corresponding to the left and right sides of the printing sheet. When pasting, it required a section of the edge of the two 430 mm cardboard, which was about 13 mm away from the bite edge of the printing sheet. That is, the long edges of the two cardboard strips can be aligned with the end of the drag of the stamp. In this way, the paper surface on the left and right sides of the printing sheet first contacts the surface of two cardboard strips when the cylinder is imprinted. Then the rigid cardboard strips force the rubber cloth to sink and tighten the loose paper surface during the stretching deformation. That is to say, the machine first press the edges of the left and right sides of the paper in the press state, and then play the role of tightening the paper surface, so as to better eliminate the wrinkling phenomenon of NCR paper roll printing.
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