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Thermal Paper Roll and Its Particularity Have Been Wdely Used

Thermal paper roll is mainly used in the supermarket barcode electronic scale printing price tag.

Main performance features of thermal paper roll:

(1) high preservation and printing sensitivity;

(2) without the need for carbon tape, labels can be printed directly;

(3) the product quality meets the industry standards, with stable quality, strong adhesive performance, and good temperature resistance;

(4) it can provide customers with anti-theft and anti-counterfeiting tool molds, with novel design, clear printing and die cutting standards;

(5) the product is non-toxic, environmentally friendly and meets relevant standards;

(6) suitable for various barcode electronic scale brands.

Above is the advantage of the thermal paper roll. In the process of purchasing, its quality will directly affect the quality of printing and storage time, remember that the quality of thermal paper roll, will also affect the service life of printers and fax machines, so when you buy, please choose the products produced by regular manufacturers

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