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Selection Skills of Cash Register Paper

Cash register paper, as its name implies, refers to the roll used in the cash register to record the details of the cash register. It is mainly used to provide customers with shopping lists, which can be replaced after use.

Generally speaking, the material of cash register paper is the corresponding material suitable for printing parts inside the radio. For ordinary needle printers, ordinary 1-3 layers of printing paper can be used to print. For thermal head printers, only thermal printing paper can be used to print.

Purchasing skills:

The quality of cash register paper depends entirely on the quality of cashier paper. In order to achieve a better use effect, first look at the material, the surface of white paper without impurities is generally wood pulp paper, the production of cash register paper tension is good, and its appearance is clean; The paper with mixed pulp paper or straw pulp paper has more or less miscellaneous spots on it. Obviously, the pulling force is also poor, and it is easy to break during printing. Secondly, the smoothness, better smoothness of the cash register paper can reduce the wear of the printing head and achieve better printing effect.

Thermal printing paper is a kind of printing paper specially used in thermal printers. Its quality directly affects the quality of printing and storage time, and even the service life of printers. If the coating of thermal printing paper is not uniform, the color of printing will be different when printing. If the chemical formulation of the coating on the thermosensitive cash register paper is not reasonable, the storage time of the thermosensitive cash register paper will be shorter after printing. The protective layer is also critical for the preservation time after printing. It can absorb part of the light that causes the chemical reaction of the thermosensitive coating and slow down the deterioration of the thermosensitive cash register paper.

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