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The Harm from Thermal Roll Paper Accessory Ingredient

With the wide application of thermal roll paper accessory ingredient in retail, lottery, finance, clothing, physical distribution and medical treatment, the formula and coating of thermal roll paper is with many types. For example, increasing the quantity of sensitizer with high sensibility for improving color development performance, adding sizing agent for improving shading effect and coating effect of thermal body paper, all this accessory ingredient will bring problems in the process of using like carbon deposition and adhering paper, manufacturing enterprises should pay attention to it.

The producing mechanism, phenomenon and harm:
1. Sludge
Thermal roll paper will develop color in the process of printing, it will cool and freeze after living heating element because its bad absorption, it will cause color object will store on the print head, most of them will be brought by thermal roll paper, small parts of them will be adhered to the print head.

Under the high temperature or low temperature, print head will adhere to melting object with printing compression, at the same time, it is with big noise, it is all called sticking.

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