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The Storage of Adhesive Labels Roll , Everything is Wrong with the Temperature

In the cold environment, the stickiness of adhesive labels rolls decreases as the decrease of temperature. Label printing enterprises often encounter situations in winter, such as non-sticky glue, flying mark, dropping mark and so on, which are all related to temperature, and everything is the fault of the temperature.

1. Environment temperature of the storage

The storage environment temperature of the label should not be too low. The adhesive labels rolls materials are placed in the outdoors or cold environment, which can easily lead to frostbite of the material, especially the glue part. If not properly restored, the stickiness and processability of the adhesive labels rolls will be in a loss or disappear.

2. The environment temperature of the processing

Processing environment temperature is very important for materials to be processed smoothly. If the temperature is too low and the material viscosity decreases, poor printing, die-cutting flying mark, and strip flying mark and drop mark will occur in the processing, which will affect the smooth processing of materials.

3 The environment temperature of labeling
The labeling environment temperature should meet the product requirements. First of all, we need to introduce some concepts: the lowest labeling temperature of adhesive labels rolls products refers to the lowest environmental temperature that can do the labeling. The temperature range of adhesive labels rolls products refers to the environment temperature range that can be applied when the label sticks to the surface of the object (usually 24 degrees). After normal labeling under the condition of meeting the labeling temperature requirement, products with adhesive labels rolls labels can be used within temperature range of the use. Any adhesive labels rolls material has a related labeling temperature. If it is below the temperature, the glue stickiness of adhesive labels rolls is limited, which will lead to labeling improper, warping and other problems.

4 Label Presetting

Label presetting is very important in the cold areas. If the transporting and storage conditions can not meet the requirements, it will result a lower temperature of the label itself, or even frostbite. Even if the labeling environment temperature meets the requirements, due to the failure to recover in time, the stickiness and processing performance of the adhesive labels rolls will also be affected. Therefore, in the above circumstances, the label material should be placed in the labeling environment for a period of time before processing or labeling operation,, so that the temperature of the label material itself can rise, thus the viscous and processing performance can be restored.

5 Range of the usage temperature

After labeling, the stickiness of adhesive labels rolls label materials usually takes a period of time (usually 24 hours) to gradually reach the maximum value. It is not advisable to immediately place the container or product that has just been labeled in an environment with large temperature difference (even if the environment meets the temperature range of the use of adhesive labels rolls materials). Otherwise, the development of glue viscosity will be affected. In addition, film labels and containers will expand and shrink due to temperature changes, while paper labels are more prone to damp or dehydration deformation of paper fibers.

6 Surface Cleaning

When labeling, attention should also be paid to labeling pressure control and surface cleaning. A suitable labeling pressure can ensure that the pressure-sensitive characteristics of pressure-sensitive adhesive label rolls labels can be satisfied, and the air between the labels and the surface can be discharged at the same time. Thus, the label can be labeled firm and flat. Cleaning the labeled surface is also an important factor to ensure the stickiness and smoothness of the label.

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