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Those Things about Thermal Cash Register

The market classification of thermal paper is quite complete at present. It can be divided into cash register paper, fax paper, three defenses and one defense according to its use. In fact, there is no obvious distinction between the actual use of seed cashier paper and fax. In the past, cash register paper and fax paper on the market were mainly different in color and thickness. Now the user, considering the cost, has not distinguished between the two pieces of paper. There are no real fax machines in China. The most common cash register for supermarkets and restaurants.

Thermal paper is divided into 57 and 80 according to specifications. This is mainly the width of the thermal printer, followed by the diameter of the paper roll, which also affects whether the thermal case roll can be put in. There are 57 * 50, 57 * 40, 57 * 30 and other specifications on the market, but this does not represent their cost and price. Many businessmen confuse concepts with this specification, deceive consumers and use very thick rolls of paper. The same paper roll 57*50 specifications, some paper only 10 meters, some paper roll 35 meters. The company's specifications of paper are basically controlled by 25 meters, directly telling customers how many meters we are. Thickness is the use of mechanical pulp with a high addition, mechanical pulp fiber is very thick, which has a great impact on the print head. Some paper will damage the printing head within a few days, the mechanical pulp is very yellow, and a lot of fluorescent substances will be added, which still has an impact in the catering industry. Someone in the shop took the paper in his hand and maybe went to deal with the food again.

The base paper used by our company is white without adding OBA. Welcome to our company!
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