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How to choose good 80x60 thermal paper

Let's talk about the key points, which  will be ignored the most easily points, much thermal paper, especially some waste paper without any brand, it is with much fluorescent powder and calcium carbonate in order to improve its sense feelings, It will cause many scraps of paper when you are printing, it has an important influence on the lives of print head and automatic paper cutter.

1. Observation: Pay more attention to the appearance of thermal paper roll 80x80. From colors, we can distinguish the quality of protective coating and thermal coating to some extent. If the paper is very white, that is to say, its protective coating and the thermal coating is unreasonable, that's because there is so much fluorescent powder. If the paper is a little green, its quality is quite good. If the paper is flat and smooth, its thermal coating is even, on the contrast, its thermal coating is uneven so that influences its printing effect. At the same time, if paper's reflected light is strong, maybe it is because there is too much fluorescent powder, you'd better not to choose it.

2. Comparison about sunniness: this method is very easy, put the different paper that with same fluorescent powder under the sun ( it can speed up the reflection to thermal coating), at last, they will be dark, long time they need, long time they can be saved.

3. Roasting: actually the theory of roasting and sunniness is similar. You can use lighter to heat the back of the paper, its color will change with the heat, id its last color is brown, that is to say, its thermal recipe is unreasonable, they can't be saved for a long time. If there is the small stripe or disrupt color lump, that is to say, its coating is uneven. On the contrast, thermal paper roll 80x80 with good quality will show black green ( a little green) and even color lump after heating, its color will be lighter from the heating center to around.
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