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Rewinder Production Capacity and Quality Control of Paper Rolls

With the development of the printing industry and paper processing industry, the proportion of reel paper products in the total output of paper is increasing. Reel paper as a commodity requires a neat and smooth end face, with uniform proper compactness, there is no paper dust in the roll, and there is no defect in the colored paper rolls so as to facilitate the operation of transport, printing, and processing. If rewinding is improperly operated, a paper roll with the above defects will be produced, it is often the main cause of printing press paste, breakage and shutdown, resulting in greater economic losses than the paper mills. 

Therefore, the production of high-quality reel paper is the main goal that the rewinder designer should consider. Second, the production capacity of the rewinder should be balanced with the production capacity of the rewinder and the production capacity of the paper machine, and some allowance is left to make it run flexibly. The speed of the paper machine represents its production capacity when the size and width of the paper are fixed. But the reminder is not as continuous as a paper machine. it is a machine that runs at intervals, therefore, its production capacity can not only depend on its speed. 

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