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Method of Making Thermal Adhesive Label Printing Clearer

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In general, as long as the quality of the thermal adhesive label and carbon tape is excellent, the effect of printing should be clear. But in some cases, the effect of printing is not satisfying and clear enough. What should we do in this case?

In this case, the first method should be to replace the label paper and the carbon ribbon. The printing is not clear enough may be caused by the imperfect quality of the label paper or the carbon ribbon which resulting in the poor printing effect. First use a few sheets of paper on the paper tube core to print, and observe the printing effect. If the printing effect is not good, then replace with the barcode ribbon to see if the printing effect has improved. If both are changed, the printing effect is not clear enough, then the problem may be printing head or the barcode printer which need be set up. 

If it is the reason of the barcode printer, we should first adjust the temperature of the print head of the barcode printer. Try to increase the temperature and see if temperature of the printing head is not enough for transfering carbon pigment to labels well after the replacement of the carbon belt. If the effect is still not good after the printing temperature is adjusted, then the problem may be the print head. If there is a problem with the printing head, it is necessary to replace the printer head, buy a new one, or send it to the repair shop.

In general, there are many reasons for the printing effect of barcode printer is not clear enough,  check and exclude one by one. Generally speaking, the possible reasons are listed above. If you carefully test, the problem can be excluded.

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