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What does the coating recipe of heat sensitive paper have?

Thermally sensitive coating is very important in the production of thermally paper, the chemicals used in thermally sensitive coatings are generally composed of more than ten kinds of materials in a certain proportion.

But each company's thermal paper coating formula has different patents, and not the same. The following is a brief introduction of the basic proportion of coating.

There are at least these components in thermal paper:

(1) colorless dye, accounting for a few percent, the dye variety is very large, the most commonly used is fluorane compounds. Such as: 3 two ethyl amino a 7 a neighboring chlorobenzene fluorane, etc.

(2) colorant, accounting for less than 20%, commonly used bisphenol A, para hydroxybenzoate. The common colorants are: p-phenyl phenol; Methylene naphthol salicylate; Aromatic sulfonic acid; Aromatic sulfide; 2,4 dihydroxybenzoic acid.

(3) Sensitizing agent, accounting for less than 10%, such as benzene sulfonate amide compounds.

(4) filler, accounting for less than 50%, commonly used is calcium carbonate (fine particles). Effect: improve the paper opacity, improve the contrast between imaging and background color.

(5) adhesive, less than 10%, such as polyvinyl acetate. Function: the coating has good surface strength and printing performance, the adhesive also forms a colloid protective film between the dye and the colorant at the same time, so that the two are isolated to prevent premature reaction.

(6) stabilizer, accounting for a few percent, such as terephthalic acid diphenyl.

(7) lubricant, accounting for a few percent. It is candle sex material commonly, can prevent hot head to stick smudge.
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