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Introduction of the Classified Water Proof Thermal Paper

Functionally, thermal paper can be divided into ordinary thermal paper and 3-proof thermal paper. The single proof thermal paper is the most commonly used paper. It is made of ordinary thermal material. Its surface is white and smooth. Besides, it is impervious to water simply; the 3-proof thermal paper is made of special surface material and coated with a protective layer on the thermal coating layer, which has scratch resistance. Therefore, the thermal coating layer will not fall off, which enables 3-proof thermal paper with some performance, such as better waterproof, anti-oil, and alcohol resistance. This kind of paper is mainly used in the high-end market, and the prices of it have been increasing in recent years.

In addition, the 3-proof thermal paper not only has no hazardous substance bisphenol A but also has a better initial viscosity, since the hot-melt adhesive is used. Thus it can be applied into some label bases, the surfaces of which are not very smooth. ( Such as the use of 3-proof thermal labels.)

According to our needs, the size and specifications of the labels, size of the roll core, and the number of sheets of the per roll can be customized; the general specifications are including 100*100*1000 sheets, 60*40*1000 sheets, and 40*30*1000 sheets, and so on.
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