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How to Choose Thermal Paper in Catering Industry

First of all, we need to understand why thermal paper printers should be chosen instead of laser printers or inkjet printers.

First, the cost of the thermal paper printer is low, and the maintenance cost is low. It does not need to change the printer head frequently like inkjet printer and ink, nor does it add carbon powder like a laser printer. And the power consumption is much lower.

Second, it has good stability. Its working principle is simple and it is not easy to break down.

3. Small space occupied. If a laser printer is placed in the bar of a restaurant, it is not convenient for people to use it.

Next, we need to know how to choose thermal paper for the catering industry. The printing equipment of the catering industry is generally divided into two parts: front-end printing and back-kitchen printing. Front desk printing is very similar to the supermarket cash register system, while back kitchen printing is much harsher than other applications.

First, the environment is humid. The back kitchen uses a lot of steam and soot, and often water droplets and oil droplets splash on the ticket paper, which will cause the text to be blurred, and the storage time is relatively short. In view of the above problems, Shandong Litai Paper Co., Ltd. mainly recommends thermal printing paper with "three defenses" characteristics. The so-called "three prevention" refers to water, oil and alcohol prevention. These three basic conditions can effectively cope with the erosion of water and oil in the kitchen environment on printing paper and avoid the occurrence of single mistakes. At the same time, it has the characteristics of long storage time.
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