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The Brief Introduction of Thermal Paper Roll

Thermal paper roll printing is a kind of paper roll that is produced by processing  thermal paper, it is also called thermal paper roll or thermal printing paper. It is divided into four types, they are two-side offset paper, thermal paper roll, carbon free paper and self-induction paper.

Thermal paper roll is always used in thermal printer with cashier system. Thermal paper roll is with even color, good smoothness, high whiteness and long storage life without printing supplies, carbon tapes, colored tapes and ink box, so it will be replace common cash register paper in cashier system.

However, the words on thermal paper roll is unstable and faded easily so that it is hard to read the words of it.

Thermal paper roll now is widely used in supermarkets, hotels, banks, electronic communication and medicine.

The most common specification of thermal paper roll is 80*50 or 75*60, but it mainly depends on the specification of POS.

The service life of thermal paper roll is no more than three years, that is to say, after processing, it can be store for three years in the certain environment. Therefore, it is suggested that the quantity of every order should not over three years.

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