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75 x 60 Thermal Paper Roll

Our company has more than 10 advanced and professional CNC Slitting Machines which can cut paper products with different models and specifications, such as 30mm, 57mm, 80mm, 210mm, 257mm, etc. Professional CNC slitting machine can cut heat-sensitive fax paper, heat-sensitive cashier paper, POS machine printing paper etc.

Our company advocates the principle of quality first. We produce paper products by using imported Hansol original paper and we cooperate with domestic high-end factories. The product quality meets international standard completely. Our products mainly include:  heat-sensitive paper, carbonless paper, ordinary cashier paper, pressure sensitive cashier paper, 3-proof paper (water-proof, oil-proof, wear-proof). Specific including: ATM machine roll paper, bank POS ticket, shopping mall cashier paper, fax paper, copy paper, bank automatic calling distributor paper, double layer pressure sensitive cashier paper, three-layer pressure sensitive cashier paper, continuous printing paper, the ads on the back of supermarket cashier paper, Mobile statements and Unicom statements, etc.

Heat sensitive cashier paper: the original paper material (domestic and imported) quality is high. The color depth is obvious and the shelf life is long.

Carbonless cashier paper: it is made from advanced and carbonless original paper. It is easy to use with good sensitivity and low price.

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