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Performance of ATM Paper Roll Printing Printer Sensor

How is the ATM 80mm pos thermal printer to perform? The sensors used in the scanner are mainly CCD, PM T, and CIS.

CCD is widely used in flat Scanner and Film Scanner, it is worth noting that the quality of the CCD in a digital camera has its merits and demerits. The performance of CCD in the scanner is also different. Also using the CCD scanner, its quality is usually in direct proportion to the price, and other performance indicators should be taken into account.

PMT (photomultiplier tube) is mainly used for drum thermal POS paper scanner, it is of high quality, high price and a high degree of specialization.

CIS is a new ATM paper roll printing and scanning technology, but it is not mature yet. The light emitting diode is used as the light source and the service life of the light source is long. However, the scanning uniformity of the light emitting diode is not as good as that of CCD because of the large area of the light emitting diode as the light source. It does not use any reflective devices, low distortion, but the light emitting diodes are low brightness, color resolution is not as good as CCD. Because CIS is a new technology, its developing space is larger than that of CCD, which is mature in technology. The CIS scanner has no lens imaging system. Therefore, the cost is much lower than CCD, but the scanning depth of focus is not as good as that of CCD. The thickness of the CIS scanner is less than half that of CCD scanner because of its simple and compact structure, so it is smart. Generally speaking, the overall performance of CIS scanners is not as good as ATM paper roll printing scanners.

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