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Thermal Paper Rolls Application

Thermal paper rolls are developed quickly with the development of fax machine, because of the development of electronic communication industries, thermal paper rolls not only used in personal family as facsimile transmission but also shows in various fields, such as business, banks, hospitals and securities companies. At present, it mainly used for the following fields:

1. Thermal paper rolls for fax machine: it is main used for many kinds of fax machine , some are used for business while others are for families. This kind of purpose takes up half of total yield, it is the main direction in 1980s until now. Its quality goal is its high speed, high density of line and persistence for its fax records. From its recording speed, it has developed to G3 even G4 from G2, it is at the speed of 15s for every A4 paper.

2. Thermal paper rolls for printing and terminal recording: in order to adapt new kinds of terminal recording equipment, it exploits different kinds  for printing record like word processor, medical  assay and industrial assay and printing of computers' auxiliary design and production, counter, automatic cash payment machine and portable terminal printer.

3. The thermal paper rolls for babels and notes: in recent years, thermal paper rolls have developed to label field with high speed. It is a products from thermal paper and adhesive label. Put adhesive sticker on the back of paper and compound it with release paper for printing labels. From the recent sale and supply situation, its general trend is: first kind is reducing gradually while the second and third is rising gradually.
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