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What kinds of Paper Do I Need?

Different types of printers use different types of paper rolls. You must use the correct style of paper for your printer.

  • Thermal Paper – Uses heat to activate chemicals impregnated in the paper to print images and does not use a ribbon. This type of printer uses thermal paper rolls.
  • Bond Paper – Recommended for kitchen printers,calculators and adding machines ,ribbon required.
  • NCR Paper – It’s Non Carbon required paper for credit card machines and impact printers to create two or three ply NCR paper at one time .

How to Measure A paper Roll?

Roll dimensions are taken in width (W), outer diameter (OD) and inner diameter (ID) - which is the size of the core that the paper is wound on,See below example, the common size of core are 12*17 mm 13*19mm ,18*24mm and so on.

How Long Will My Image on Thermal Paper Last?

Our Top quality thermal paper rolls or BPA Free paper rolls provide an archive ability of 5 – 7 years. Popular grades of paper will only provide 1 – 2 years maximum.and all of them are needed to be kept in dry dark place .

How Many Colours can be Printed?

We would do 1-8 colors printing on thermal paper rolls with your logos, promotions, advertising, special offers, discount coupons etc (front or backside) on most types of docket rolls.

If you Have MOQ?

(a) Common size and white paper rolls no have MOQ.
(b) One -Two colors printing paper MOQ:10000 Rolls.
(c) More than three colors MOQ :20000 Rolls.

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