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Adhesives for Adhesive Labels Roll Materials

As the adhesive labels roll is the carrier of printing and has their own physical and chemical characteristics, it is not complicated to select suitable surface paper for different end products, but the choice of adhesive is not as easy as the choice of surface materials.

Different adhesives are suitable for different patches and labeling requirements. For example, glass appliances require labels to be torn off within a certain period of time after pasting, and the adhesive itself will not cause damage to the glass appliances and adhesive residues. The same is stationery products, furniture products. The same is true of the performance labels on air conditioners and refrigerators used in households. But most of them need not be torn off after they are pasted. They are permanently pasted on the object to be pasted.

The main factors to be considered when choosing adhesives are as follows.
(1) Material of the objects to be pasted: paper, plastic, metal, glass, ceramics, etc. (surface tension is different).
(2) The shape of the object to be affixed: plane, surface and curved surface radian size, bottle caliber size, etc.
(3) The state of the surface of the object to be attached: smoothness, roughness, cleanliness, humidity, etc.
(4) Labeling methods: manual, self-labeling and the speed and pressure of labeling.
(5) Labeling environment: temperature and humidity when labeling, cleanliness of labeling site and whether there is dust in space, etc.
(6) Storage environment: humidity and ultraviolet radiation of labeled goods and materials before labeling.

In the labeling process, it is easy to overlook that labeling personnel care about the chemical viscosity of the adhesive labels roll itself, but despise the mechanical viscosity. In fact, under certain labeling pressure, the use of suitable adhesives can make labeling safer. In particular, hot melt adhesives are not suitable for pasting on PVC materials, because the chemical composition of the adhesives itself reacts with the plasticizer composition of PVC itself, resulting in gelling phenomenon and destroying the pasted surface.
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