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Matters Needing Attention in Carbon-free Cash Register Paper

Attention should be paid after opening the box, if it is not used for a long time, it should be put into the original packaging tape so as to prevent moisture, damage, etc. If it is a geophysical rewriting paper, the printing paper should be careful not to be squeezed by sharp objects or external forces, lest cause color affect use. Confirm the printer's gear before using the product, when printing the multilayers, try not to print them, so as to ensure the clarity of the printed handwriting. The preservation of documents should be kept separately if it is necessary to store together, avoid extrusion, avoid light, water, oil, acid, and alkali. Duplicates of carbon-free paper can be kept for at least 15 years, provided that the appropriate environment is in place. If the paper jammed appears during the printing process, which one you choose to check the position of the cash register is appropriate, whether aligned with the paper tractor, the print head has been selected suitable for the position suitable for the number of layers of paper.

Bill printer or flat printer is more suitable to use multi-link carbon-free cash register paper products, these printers are designed so that the printing paper, such as NCR paper roll is not bent in the machine, the cash register is flat, and the printing force is greater.
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