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Do Adhesive Labels Roll Have An Effect At a Low Temperature

Adhesive labels roll that is affected by the surrounding water and moisture with morning and evening temperature changes, the repeated effects will cause deformation and signs of warping. However, professional low temperature adhesive labels roll can be subjected to extreme temperature and temperature changes, this kind of label is specially designed for all frozen storage.

Frozen food labels

Especially now is about to enter the cold season, cold and wet weather on the adhesive labels roll quality is a harsh test, what will be to if use adhesive labels roll In the dozens of degrees below zero environment ? And what kind of labels to use?

Cold storage environment is characterized by high humidity and low temperature, if use ordinary labels in the cold storage is easy to cause deformation, wrinkle and fall off. Besides, the packaging of items in cold storage varies greatly. In such an environment, the labels selected must have good moisture resistance and low temperature resistance.

There are many kinds of label base glue, the label in the cold storage must choose low temperature glue. If it is at room temperature affixed to the label and then put in the refrigerator, the label surface paper is selected to have certain scalability. Because the packaging situation of the goods is probably ordinary paper packaging, but also probably nylon bag packaging, so you should choose different material labels according to the need.

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