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Introduction of Carbon Papers

Definition of Carbonless Paper: Carbonless Paper is a kind of NCR paper developed by National Cash Register Corporation of the United States in 1945. There is no apparent difference in the appearance between this kind of paper and ordinary paper. But it can serve as carbon paper, having the same effect as blue carbon paper, and will not stain fingers or clothes. It is more convenient and clean. Since the manufacture of this kind of paper does not adopt the carbon material of carbon paper, it is called carbonless paper, short for carbonless carbon paper.

The uses of carbonless paper: with the popularization of computers and the development of office automation, carbonless paper can be printed more conveniently at the computer terminal, and suitable for office automation. The carbonless paper need not to be sandwiched in the special carbon paper. When writing, all  papers are original copies and transcripts. The number of copied transcripts is greatly increased, and it can copy more than 6 pieces. The picture and text are clear and colorful. The surface of the paper is smooth and the coating structure is compact. It is colored by chemical method, and there will be no ink float before and after copying. It will not stain hands or clothes. It is convenient and tidy. Because of the use of chemical color developing agent, it is difficult for counterfeiting and rewriting. Therefore its applied range becomes more and more wide. At present, it is mainly used in the fields of bank, postal service, telecommunications, taxation, transportation, hotels, customs, insurance and so on.

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