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Advice From Adhesive Labels Roll Supplier

PVC quality of adhesive labels roll is different from PVC quality of adhesive labels roll in Japan and other countries, in China,  It is more than a rich level of graphic living pieces, especially small batch labels with requirements of bright colors. Now Wanlai Printing will tell you stories about it.

Offset printing has the advantage in the dot printing, the spot printing is also not bad. If it needs to increase ink ply, you can use over-printer accurate advantage to  print twice. So by the small batch printing, the time can be completely guaranteed. Besides, choosing offset quick dry ink and adding  a desiccant to the ink and spraying powder after printing, it also can solve the problem of printing dirty and improve the speed of operation. Although a variety of printing methods can choose different types of inks to print in-mold adhesive labels, the outstanding adhesion of UV ink in the in-mold label data surface and its drying characteristics is undoubtedly the first choice of all kinds of printing process.Adhesive labels roll PVC suppliers pointed out that UV offset printing process ink balance is the key to obtain high-quality printing labels and high yield, other printing process using UV ink is the key to choose high color intensity and outstanding leveling performance as a whole of UV ink. So in large areas of thick printing, proper and moderate antistatic agent on the color and static in the process of printing will be helpful in a way.

Adhesive labels roll suppliers refer to the packaging of wine box use label agglutinate to seal a cover commonly, if  we can choose the adhesive of adhesive labels roll correctly, it will make sure that label and packing box are damaged together in the process of opening. Generally speaking, the paper label and the paper box are easier to reach the intention of damage when opening the box. Because of the homogeneity of the data is easy to achieve strong adhesion, and the adhesive is also a brief selection. Different materials between the sticky box is more difficult, firstly,it is not easy to find a suitable adhesive;Secondly, the bonding strength is not high enough, that is to say, the bonding is not strong. The surface material of all wine boxes is mostly plastic film now, so the label of wine boxes should also use plastic film, and the same type of plastic film is the best. In planning, you should pay attention to two points: one is a wine box surface information and the inner layer of information between the adhesive strength is lower than the adhesive strength of the label. Second, the label tear strength is higher than the wine box surface material tear strength, its intention is to be easy to open the box to damage the packaging box.

Each bar-code label is a single well-planned piece of work, it's not just a collection of different skills and planning approaches. It is completed by the original data, security skills, printing process ink and other experts planning group, it is certainly not personal effects. Although we can't prevent counterfeiting, but if we use a skill that is hard to imitate, and tell consumers common sense about promoting the identification of genuine and fake products, it will be able to  have the effect of curbing fraud. Therefore, security adhesive labels roll must abide by the planning principles.

1.Pick a specific program that is significantly different even if it is copied.

2. Choose a method of production that is difficult to fake and expensive to invest in.

3. Make full use of ways that consumers have mastered, which is easy to learn to improve security planning.

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