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80 x 60 Thermal Paper Roll

The core strengths of 80 x 60 Thermal Paper Roll:

It has high quality that can be surely exported, and it is imported environmental pulp. It owns clear color and uniform coating. The paper jam will not happen and the paper will not damage the printers.

80 x 60 Thermal Paper Roll Characteristics:

The thermal cashier paper is mainly used in thermal printer of register system. The thermal cashier paper has uniform color, good smoothness, and high brightness. During its storage period, it will not use any printing supplies, carbon tape, ribbon nor ink box, so it is a trend that thermal cashier paper is to replace the general one in register system.

The applicable range of 80 x 60 Thermal Paper Roll :

It can be used in POS terminal system of stores and supermarkets, hotel catering system, banking system, telecommunication system, and medical system, etc..

The direction for use:

Pay attention not to expose paper to the air for a long time. When you are going to use a bag, just to open one bag, preventing the paper from absorbing the water of the air so as to get damp.

The judgement for quality of thermal paper roll label

1. Appearance: to choose the paper which is green slightly is better. When the brightness is not high or the paper looks not uniform, or it is too white, it shows that the paper coating is not uniform. If the reflex of paper seems very strong, it points that there is too much phosphor powder, proving that the quality is not high.

2. Using fire: to use lighter to heat up the back of paper. If heated, the color appearing on the paper is brown, so it tells that the thermal formula is not reasonable enough and the storage period will be rather short. If there is type stripe or uneven color lump on the black part of paper, it reflects that the coating is not uniform. The paper with good quality should be black green( or with a little green) when heated and the color lump should be distributed evenly whose color fade gradually from the center to the surrounding areas.

3. To distinguish with sunlight: to put the printed paper which has been smeared with nite writer pen in the sun( it can accelerate the reaction of the thermal coating) can prove the duration of storage period. A kind of paper which gets dark fastest shows that its storage period is short.
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