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57cm x 40cm Thermal Paper Rolls

Product Name: 57*40 thermal paper
Specification: 57*40 (Confirmed)
Material: thermal paper
Internal package: black film, gold/silver film. External package: neutral carton. The color is good and the preservation time is long. It is recommended for all sizes of food and beverage reception cashier, supermarket ticket printing.

57*40 imported origin paper, PVC tube core with 17mm outer diameter, 55 grams pure wood pulp paper, 57mm wide, 40mm long (confirmed), good paper color, enough carbon, long preservation time.

This specification can be supplied to hospitals and European and American export orders. It can also be made into paper tube core or small pipe core.

Product introduction: adopts 100% high-quality coating original paper; the paper is fine and smooth; the quality is reliable; the paper color is clear; can pass through the machine smoothly with all kinds of different specifications. The surface of thermal coating is uniform, smooth and bright. Flat cutting surface, no paper powder, compact and white, no miscellaneous, 100% smooth surface. The product quality is stable, the performance is good, the printing is clear, the quantity precision is high, the printing preservation time is long, paper color is good. Thermal powder coating is so uniform that it is not easy to stick with the print head. And it indicates the product actual length for each model to ensure that adequate packaging. Special packaging effectively prevents the high temperature, insolation, collision. There is no paper jam. The cross-section is neat, and the surface is bright white and smooth. We adopt domestic high-quality original paper to produce heat sensitive casher paper with all kinds of specifications. The advantages of the products: uniform color, clear handwriting, long shelf life etc. It is the first choice for supermarket hotel's cashing. All products are attractively packaged, stable quality, reasonable price and low transportation logistics. The heat sensitivity is strong, and the color is clear and full.

Products applicable to: all kinds of a shopping plaza, department stores, supermarkets, shopping malls, pharmacy, bank automatic calling distributor, barber shops, hospitals, hotels, supermarkets, convenience stores, handheld POS machines, UnionPay card reader, Yeepay payment card Reader, the micro precision instruments, etc.
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