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57cm x 38cm Thermal Paper Rolls

Product category: thermal cash register paper
Product specification: 57mm*38mm
Material: base paper with excellent quality
Advantages: uniform thermal coating, clear printing, long storage time, low dust, no paper jam, no damage to the print head, high sensitivity, pass through the machine smoothly, flat cutting section, appropriate paper roll tightness
Application: it is applicable to the POS machine terminal system in the mall and supermarket, hotel catering system, banking system, telecommunication system, medical system and so on.


The cashier paper is divided into four categories: wood-free printed paper, thermal paper, carbonless paper and self-contained paper
The common cashier paper mainly includes thermal paper, plain wood-free printed paper, carbonless paper.
Please be careful not to expose the paper to the air for a long time. Unpack it only when you have to use it so that you can prevent the paper from absorbing moisture in the air.

Product features: made of domestic high-quality base paper, uniform color, black and clear display color, good toughness, clear handwriting, good whiteness, no damage to print head, effectively prolong the service life of the printer, obvious remind line (inform to replace paper in time), long storage time, environment-friendly and other advantages. It is the best choice for cashing in supermarket, hotel and bank. Moreover, for the models used commonly, we have them in stock and we can deliver them in time. All products are attractively packaged. The quality is stable, the price is reasonable and transportation logistics cost is low. the products are applicable to many fields: bank queuing management machine, hospital, hotel, restaurant, supermarket, convenience store, retail and wholesale, food and entertainment etc.


• High quality and thin paper, high glossiness, high coloration, long storage time
• Heat sensitive coating, little wastepaper, without damage to printing head;
• High clarity, excellent printing effect;
• Suitable for various POS machines, meet different printing needs;
• The paper surface is smooth, the end section is flat, the tightness of paper roll is moderate, and can pass through the printer smoothly.
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