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The Characteristics of Four Categories of Cash Register Paper

Cash register paper can be divided into four categories, each of which has its own characteristics.

The following is an introduction to the four categories of cash register paper:

1. Double tape: Cash register paper produced with ordinary double tape is all single-layer, and there is no coating on the paper surface. Cashier paper prints words on it by ribbon.

2. Thermosensitive paper: Cash register paper processed with thermosensitive paper, all of which are single-layer and coated with thermosensitive chemical coating. The paper is printed with a laser thermosensitive head on a colored cash register. It is characterized by no printing consumables, no carbon ribbon, ribbon or cartridge; Moreover, the paper surface is smooth, and there will be a clear impression when fingernails or hard objects are scratched on the paper.

3. Carbon-free paper: This cash register consists of at least two or more layers. The first couple needs a pin printer to print the color, but the later couples need a pin printer to print the pressure color.

4. Self-sensing paper: This kind of cash register paper consists of one or more layers. It develops by printing pressure of needle printer. Printing paper does not need to install ribbon. The first couple of this cash register paper is called self-sensing paper, and the latter couples are ordinary carbon-free paper.

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