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Brief Introduction Of Thermal Paper Coating Machine

The main thermal paper roll manufacturing machines for producing thermal paper is the thermal paper coating machine. Our thermal paper project has been upgraded since August last year and has been successfully put into operation recently. It is acknowledged that the production line is designed to produce nearly 100 thousand tons of capacity. The integral equipment of coating machine is provided by IHI Company of Japan, after modification, the coating method of coater is made use of the most advanced curtain coating in the world, which can not only realize high-speed coating operation but also have good covering effect. Therefore, the paper can achieve better covering effect under the condition of less coating amount. At the same time, the non-contact coating reduces the damage to the paper. 

The commissioning of the thermal paper renovation project has further enriched the products of the company. The production line can produce silver thermal paper, fax type thermal paper, printing type thermal paper, one anti type thermal paper and three proof type thermal paper according to its use. Thermal paper with general storage life, medium storage life, and high-grade storage life can be produced according to the storage years. Bisphenol A and non-bisphenol A products can be produced according to the environment of use. 

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