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Printability of Thermal POS Paper

Indexes that measuring the printability  of thermal POP paper  and customized 57mm thermal paper roll are the uniformity of ink coverage, the spot situation in the center of the solid color, the clarity of the dot profile, the contrast between the ink area and the blank area, the decoration degree of the ink area and the blank area, the uniformity of the real area and the dot area, the clarity of the printing, and the adaptability of the printing. All of them can comprehensively evaluate the printability of paper.

During the printing, as to different sheets of paper, the good printing effect can be achieved by adjusting the amount of ink on the printing press. If a batch of paper is different, it is difficult to adjust the printing machine. If there are great differences on the paper, it has to stop to adjust the printing conditions, such as adjusting the thickness of cylinder packing in order to adapt to the change of paper’s thickness. Otherwise, it will cause waste due to the uneven force of impression that caused by changes in paper's thickness. In the same way, the paper's absorbability, ink reception, air permeability, smoothness and other properties require the same. It not only requires the same batch of paper but also the consistency of all parts of the whole paper. The two sides of the paper should have the same performance as much as possible, which is the uniformity of the paper.
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