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Receipt Printing Products Enterprises Must Keep Up With the Times

In the development of modern society, commercial receipt printing is one of the most important categories in the printing industry. There are lots of industries like finance, customs, bank, postal service, insurance, transportation, electricity, communication, industry and commerce, taxation, catering industry, circulation all need receipts. According to statistics, there are more than 1200 commercial paper printing enterprises in China, with more than 1500 commercial receipt printing equipment. The annual output has reached 12 billion -150 billion yuan. And there are more than one hundred thousand practitioners.

In recent years, with the continuous development of e-commerce and the surging trend of online shopping, digital wave will inevitably bring changes to all walks of life, which is no exception to commercial receipts. Facing the new trend is both challenge and opportunity, which also means that the traditional receipt printing also ushered in a diversified development trend. In a new round of market change, receipt printing enterprises must advance with the times so that they could keep pace with the times and seek long-term development.

Nowadays, digital wave is inevitable to every field. It also creates a wider space for the further development of receipt printing. In order to adapt to the development of this trend, receipt printing companies have already adjusted its industrial chain and procured new equipment to lay a good foundation for opening new fields in the digital age.

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