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Principles and Attention of Thermal Printing Paper

Principles Of Thermal Printing Paper

Thermal paper is a kind of paper used in thermal printing. It consists of a layer of ordinary paper and a layer of thermal coating (mainly including leuco dye and chromogenic agent). The reaction of the paper does not happen at room temperature. The paper is always in a latent state. However, at high temperature, the leuco dye of the thermal coating is reacted with the chromogenic agent to produce a certain color, and the higher the temperature, the faster the color changes. Therefore, if you make the paper contacted with the printing head, you can select the changeable color location and type desired content.

How To Keep The Thermal Printing Paper?

1. Keep the environment dry: if it is wet, it will lead to blurred scripts.

2. Keep the environment unsuitable for overheating: the high temperature can make paper turn colors.

3. Avoid direct sunlight: the direct sunlight on printing paper may also cause excessive temperature and paper discoloration.

Attention For Daily Use:

1. When in the process of installing the printing paper, you should pay attention to the coating surface (generally the smooth surface). And you should make it turned toward the printer head. If the coating surface is installed in opposite direction, it can not print out the scripts.

2. Different models of POS paper boxes have different specifications. Place note the POS type when ordering; the purchase order invoice needs the cardholder to sign his name, which is printed out by the POS terminal.

3. It is supposed to save for more than 2 years according to the above request. Because of that, the business can avoid the loss when cardholder changes the order.

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