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The Application of Physical Thermal Roll Paper and the Principle of Color

The physical type of thermal roll paper:

1. Melt transparency;

2. Opacity;

3. Transfer;

4. Sublimation;

3. Volatilization;

6. Overcooling.


The thermal energy melts the white opaque layer to make it transparent, while the colored base to form the recording image thermal energy will form the transparent layer and become opaque due to the color layer heating and transfer printing, the colored layer will be heated and sublimated and volatilized due to the oil heating, and the colored agent will be used to spread the cloth.


1. Electrocardiogram drawings of coating type;

2. Top projection;

3. Periodical ticket issuing machine;

4. Printer.

Thermal paper roll is a kind of processing paper, its manufacturing principle is to coat a layer of heat sensitive coating on high-quality raw paper. Although more than ten chemicals have been used for secondary discoloration, there are at least one of the following compounds: colorless dye, which has a wide variety and is commonly used as fluorescent compounds. Color developing agents account for less than 20%, commonly used bisphenol, para-hydroxybenzoic acid; The sensitizing agent accounts for less than 10%, which contains benzenesulfonate amide compounds. Fillers account for less than 50%, commonly used calcium carbonate (particles); Stabilizers, such as diphenyl phthalate; Lubricants, etc. Therefore, the process is difficult and the technical requirements are high.

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