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An Ideal Tool for Handling Colored Paper Rolls- Paper Roll Clamp

Since reform and opening up, Chinese paper packaging industry has developed rapidly: the output of papermaking industry ranks first in the world, from tenth place in 1978 to third place in 1992; about 20 million tons of paper and paperboard produced in 1995; corrugated carton production line developed from 15 in 1980 to more than 500 in 1996, the annual output of cartons in China reaches 3.6 billion square meters; carton, paper Jane, paper tray, paper can, paper cup, pulp model, paper bag, and other paper packaging products have also made great progress and more variety of design, the quality of some products is close to the international level. However, Chinese paper industry still can not meet the requirements of the quantity and quality of paper in various industrial sectors in China, it is not necessary to import a large quantity of pulp from abroad every year. Waste paper, paper, and paperboard, from 1991 to 1993, with an average annual intake of 3.355 million tons, with a cumulative remittance of more than $0.43 million.

Also, due to improper transportation and stacking, the unproductive loss of colored paper rolls and other paper products is very serious, the waste of money is quite astonishing! If the colored paper rolls can be moved quickly and safely to avoid breakage during loading and unloading, it is no doubt that the contradiction of the shortage of paper will be greatly alleviated, it will save foreign exchange, save labor time and improve the economic benefits of paper packaging industry enterprises. There is a kind of paper rolls clamp suitable for forklift truck of various types and specifications at home and abroad, which is the ideal tool for loading and unloading paper rolls.
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