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I've Never Seen Such Cash Register Paper of a good Quality!

Consumers blindly choose the cash register paper, especially in large shopping malls. The quality of cash register paper will affect the life of cash register machine. So you must be careful when choosing cash register paper. The consumers should be reminded that the appropriate material for the internal printing parts of the cash register paper is the good cash register paper.

1. Choose cash register paper suitable for your enterprise. At present, there are four types of cash register paper on the market: thermal paper, double adhesive paper, carbon-free paper and self-sensing paper. Among them, thermal paper is the most commonly used, as the cash register paper produced by thermal paper processing is all single-layer, and the paper surface is coated with thermal chemical coating, and the paper is printed by laser thermal head to develop cash register paper, which has the characteristics of consuming no material, no carbon tape, ribbon or ink cartridge; at the same time, the surface of the paper is relatively smooth, leaving the clear imprint when nails or hard things scratched on the paper.

2. Many people do not know what kind of cash register paper is, bringing that they will be at a loss when choosing and buying cash register paper. So they will buy unsuitable cash register paper casually, which is certainly not feasible. The corresponding cash register paper must be matched to the corresponding type of cash register machine. Generally, the material of cash register paper is the corresponding material suitable for printing parts inside cash register machine. For ordinary needle printers, ordinary 1-3 layers of printing paper can be used to print; for thermal head printers, only thermal printing paper can be used to print.

Ordinary needle printers need to use printing consumables such as ribbons and register cash paper. Thermal head printer only needs to use thermal printing paper to print without other auxiliary consumables.

3. Identification methods of thermal cash register paper: First, look at the appearance of the paper. The thermal cash register paper of good quality has uniform color, good smoothness, high whiteness and a little greenish. If the paper is very white, the protective coating and thermal coating of the paper are unreasonable, which is contributed to add too much phosphor. If the paper finish is not high or looks uneven, the paper coating is not uniform. If the paper appears to reflect light strongly, it also attribute to add too much phosphor.

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