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The Specification and Size of the Thermal Cash Register Paper

The specifications and sizes of rolled thermal paper are 57*50 and 80*50. Generally, the number 57 and 80 in front of the asterisk refers to the width of the thermal paper, and the number 50 behind the asterisk refers to the diameter of the thermal paper.

The common sizes of thermal cash register paper are 57*30, 57*50, 57*60, 80*50, 80*60, 80*80, 80*100, 80*120, and so on.

The common sizes of UnionPay POS machine are 57*50 and 57*30, but the paper slot of mobile POS machine is small so it only use 57*30.

Thermal cash register printing paper is widely used in supermarket and shopping mall POS system, hotel and catering industry, banking industry and telecommunication system.

The sizes of thermal paper used in these fields are 57*50, 57*60, 75*60, 80*50 and so on. Of course, different fields use printing machines of different specifications, using different sizes.

Rolled thermal cash register paper does not need carbon tape to print, since thermal paper is a kind of processing paper coated with a thermal layer on base paper in the high quality.

There are some specifications of 80*45, 80*58 and 80*77 on the market, which are not enough diameter. In order to reduce the cost, some thermal paper manufacturers will cause the meter diameter of thermal paper to be insufficient. But sometimes the length and meters of each roll of thermal paper vary with the size of tube core and the number of grams. But sometimes in order to easily facilitate the thermal paper into the printer, making it not easy to jam, it will sometimes shorten the width of 1 mm.

Carbon-free pressure-sensitive cash register paper is also called carbon-free needle printing paper. Common specifications are 75*76, 75*70, 75*60, etc. There are single and double layers. 240*100 has two or three layers, which need carbon band printing.

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