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75 x 70 Thermal Paper Roll

Name: 75×70 roll type receipt paper
Size: 75×70 one layer
Packaging: 84 rolls/case. Die: 13mm*19mm

Range of application:

It is widely used in business and office area like pin print type cash register, bank, hospital, post office, hotel, aviation, logistics, pharmacy, mall, supermarket, dining and entertainment and KTV.

The characteristics of 75×70 roll type receipt paper:
  • Wood pulp with good quality, clear printing and long storage life.
  • Smooth and tidy surface, good pliability without scraps of paper.
  • White and smooth surface of paper and uniform coating.
  • Good quality and long storage without color fading.
  • It can be made with various sizes and meters according to customers.

Product recommendation:

Our company is a manufacturer for roll thermal paper, action paper and roll type receipt paper, it is also a supplier for roll thermal paper, action paper and roll type receipt paper, there are many regular sizes of them:
Thermal cash register paper: 57×50, 57×60, 57×80, 57×110, 80×50, 80×60, 80×80, 80×110, 80×140
Roll type receipt paper: 44×40, 70×60, 70×70, 75×60, 75×70, 75×80.
Action cash register paper: 75×60 double deck white, 75×60 double deck colorized, 75×60 three layers colorized.
Other special sizes and back text printing can be produced according to customers.

Our company mainly produces many kinds of paper for business with various sizes to meet every standards of customers, including thermal paper, cash register paper, facsimile transmission paper, computer printing paper, printing cash register paper, entry slip paper, printing computer paper, double deck or three layers carbon-free paper, non-setting adhesive printing paper and poster printing.

Please contact customer service and remark what size of paper do you need before ordering, we can make it according to your requirement.

Products are widely used in: bank, post office, hotel, supermarket, mall, parking lot, logistics and so on.

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