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NCR Paper

NCR Paper Roll's top paper can be copied both on the front side of the medium paper and on the front side of the bottom paper. Two top or two bottom paper cannot produce a copy effect, because the reverse side of the top paper, the positive and negative side of the middle paper, and the front side of the bottom paper have chemical molecules that can be copied to give it a surface. There is no such ingredient on the front of the paper and on the back of the paper. It would be expensive to make both sides of the paper with a copy effect. Therefore, paper and paper are cheaper, but a medium paper is the most expensive among NCR Paper!

There are positive and large specifications, but there are different prices of paper (see paper price classification).

This kind of paper is not obviously different from ordinary paper in appearance, but it can be used to copy and produce the same effect as blue copy paper (note: NCR Paper produced in Europe, America, South Africa, and other countries is black), and it does not stain fingers and clothing and is more convenient for sanitation. The paper was named NCR Paper because it was made without carbon duplicates.

When using documents printed by NCR Paper Roll, they are usually separated by a small piece of cardboard, so as to avoid writing too hard and cause other copies of the underlying documents to be copied!

NCR Paper Roll does not need wax-coated copy paper, and can also be copied without wax-coated copy paper, due to the application of chemicals. Multi-page NCR Paper can be directly printed or written together to duplicate more than one document. It is convenient and clean. It can also be made into dental hole type blank computer printing paper. It can achieve high efficiency and continuous printing and duplication. The production of NCR Paper base paper is very important.

NCR Paper Roll's NCR Paper is divided into upper, middle and lower pages. On the lower side of the upper and middle pages, some kind of medicine is coated, and on the upper side of the middle and lower pages, another chemical is coated. When combined according to the order of the top, middle and bottom pages, two different drugs will meet and show brilliant impressions when subjected to the impact of the printing needle or the pressure of the pen tip, thus realizing the purpose of duplication.
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