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About the Adhesive Labels Roll Labels Material

At present, there are many kinds of adhesive labels rolls label materials, mainly from the three components of adhesive labels rolls, that is: surface materials, pressure-sensitive adhesives (adhesives), substrates (commonly known as silicone oil coated detachable substrates), different surface materials, pressure-sensitive adhesives, substrates can be combined to many adhesive labels rolls label materials.

Non-professional users often only pay attention to the selection of fabrics, as they can directly show the design and visual effects. As a matter of fact, the most important thing of adhesive labels rolls label materials is something that hides unders the "face" called the adhesives and substrates. After all, the quality of the fabrics is easy to be checked in the middle layer of pre-press, printing and finished product inspection before the label products leave the factory, which makes the user lose less; while the adhesives are vulnerable to labeling or usage environment (temperature, humidity, etc.), and the characteristics of different adhesives also have different choices for the adhesives. Usually when labeling, it will be sticking with the object for a period of time, or the problem of adhesive will be exposed after a considerable period of time, causing the greatest loss of users. The serious overflow of the glue will damage printing equipment; poor coating of low-grade substrates or silicone oil will also expose the problems, such as cutting, flying marks, no labeling, cardboard and so on when cutting, labeling and printing, and will also cause the big losses to the users.

The main types and characteristics of pressure sensitive adhesives on the market are as follows:

(1) Solvent-based adhesives: Dissolved in solvents, it is economical, and more suitable for the usage of the various environments, but has a greater toxicity to the human body. It has been banned in developed countries in Europe and the United States. At present, it is still widely used in wet paper towels, sanitary napkins, daily chemical products and even food labels in China.

(2) Emulsion-type adhesives: Soluble in water, it is environmentally friendly, and suitable for most operations;

(3) Hot-melt binder: prefabricated binder;

(4) UV hot melt adhesive: It is a new technology, which can be hardened by UV lamp.

Most of the adhesive labels rolls label materials of the middle and high grade adopt latex and hot melt adhesive. For printing enterprises, it is not easy to make choices in many products. Because different adhesives have different advantages and disadvantages, and correspond to different surfaces and environments, it is the common interests of printing enterprises and suppliers to find the most commonly used products. Because a widely used product is relatively easy to produce and has a stable high quality, it also saves the time and space of storage for the printing enterprises for the suppliers of adhesive labels rolls label materials.

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