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Engineering Paper Rolls

Butter paper is commonly known as parchment paper. It is formed by the interwoven subtle plant fiber. In wet condition, the plant fibers go through dissociating, beating, filling and soaking for 2 ~ 3s in 72% concentrated sulfuric acid. And it has the treatment of glycerol after clean water washing. A hard, thin film shaped substance formed after drying, which is a butter paper. Parchment paper is solid, dense and slightly transparent.  It has the characteristics of strong resistance to oil and water, air permeability, and great wet strength. It also has the characteristics of waterproof, moisture-proof, oil-proof, sterilizing and sterilizing.

The butter paper has advantages of good spray ink absorption, high-temperature deformation and resistance, good laser printing and static printing/copying and durable. It is applicable to the design drawing, CAD plotter, slide show, engineering xerography etc.It is also commonly used in box packaging, placing inside the box to significantly improve the packing grade.It can be bronzing and printing.It can be bronzing and printing.

Commodity name:Natural drawing paper(parchment paper)

Commodity brand: Diamond (original product)

Commodity specification: Coiling A0 (900*70)

Commodity weight: 73 grams

Packing: one volume per box, five volumes per box

It belongs to the natural pure paper base.It has the advantages of pure and transparent, translucent, no deformation, sun-proof and high-temperature resistance.In particular, anti-aging and printing process performance are excellent.It can be used for offset print, flexography, electrochemical gravure thermoprint, screen printing and other processing.
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