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The Problem of Printing Tension Fluctuation Caused by the Deformation of Printed Paper Roll

This problem is mainly caused by the transportation and loading and unloading of the web. Since the current loading and unloading is carried out by clamping forklift, the poor grip control of the forklift will cause the paper to be deformed large or small. When clamping force is applied not in the middle of the web but to one side of the web, the deformation of this side is more serious than that of the other side, which results in the horizontal movement of the paper amplitude caused by the left and right wing of the paper amplitude when the paper is printed off. In addition, in the course of transportation, the web will be distorted by the collision.

The tension fluctuation of rewinding paper during rewinding and splicing is also the problem caused by the unevenness of thickness and quantity of rewinding paper. The horizontal uniformity of the paper itself must be strictly controlled: to strengthen the daily maintenance of the air cushion pressure head fan and the pulping pump of the convection slurry box, so as to ensure the longitudinal quantitative stability of the slurry when online; Control the flow box to ensure the paper horizontal quantitative uniformity. For the printed paper roll that one side is flat, and the other side of is drum, in the paper factory to take a relatively simple measure, only in the rewinding section of strict inspection, found that such problems of the reel paper is strictly prohibited to leave the factory, and at the same time timely replacement of the rewinding machine paper cutter can be.

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