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The Protective Method of Thermal Paper Roll

Pressure heat layer of most thermal paper roll printing manufacturers needs heat that depends on the temperature settings of thermal paper roll or thickness of thermal coating. The shortcoming of hot laminating machine is that some projects can't deal with needed hot roller mobile for laminating machine by mechanized material.

Rollers help send even quantity of heat so that there are more and better laminating rollers. Laminator with trolley will be provided more smoothly and more professional without defect.

Cold lamination can provide better UV specific heat layer protection and make thermal paper roll safe.

Some properties of thermal paper roll ( like tightness and thickness) can be definite d preciously by paper's sizes and quantify, but most of method that tests paper are developed according to experiments, value from some special properties is up to method and condition for using. For example, there are much machine that can measure the smoothness of paper surface, but proprieties that they measure are not the same because their different design starting point. We must pay particular attention to that test results must be confirmed by testing instrument.

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